The holiday season is an opportune time snag the best deals in brand new tech! With your favorite brands offering their lowest prices of the year, now may be the time to finally get started on those office renovations, or simply upgrade to the latest models. Whether you have a game plan or just browsing, here is a list of four technology essentials to implement that will improve your work flow, increase your productivity and provide optimum security to your home and office.

Security cameras
No one can be in two places at once, but having a security cam gets you close by giving you another set of eyes while away from the home or office. This brings us to…

Door Cameras
Online shopping is at and all time high this year. With most deliveries occurring during business hours, door cams will alert you at the exact time when your packages arrive, cutting down the possibility of stolen items.

Dual Monitors
Dual monitors are not only proven to increase productivity, but double your focus as well. If you’re job duties require multi-tasking, dual monitors help you do so while remaining organized and attentive.

Electronic Door locks
Bring programmable security to your front door with electronic keypad entry. By entering a security pin you can put an end to fumbling with keys and get inside faster.

Whatever your vision is for the new year, we hope you will take advantage of this time to grab the items on your wish-list at a discounted price.

Not sure where to start? NeTTronix Technology Solutions offers assistance in creating a vision and expert installation services, so you can skip the stress and get right to enjoying your dream setup.

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