Has your passion become burdensome? Are the days when you would spring out of bed and hit the pavement, determined to conquer the day faded into the monotony of a 9-5 disposition?  These may be the signs of work fatigue.

“Structure and balance are essential in maximizing every minute of your day”

Lincoln lewis, ceo

The Numbers

76% of the American workforce suffers from work fatigue at varying levels, left unaddressed, it may develop into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Lincoln Lewis wears many hats; CEO of NeTTronix, President of a nonprofit organization Free Spirit Outreach, Senior Pastor of Upper Room Tabernacle church, and a husband and father. Lincoln shares that “Structure and balance are essential in maximizing every minute of your day and enjoying what you do gives you the drive to function with a spirit of excellence, so your clients, in return, get the best possible quality.”

Lincoln’s 6 to 11 Theory

The “6-11 Theory” was developed by Lincoln as a way to help you stay motivated and fulfilled. To understand this theory, picture your day divided into three major blocks: The 12-7 Block, The 9-5 block, and The 6-11 Block.

The 12-7 Block
This portion of the day represents the time that should be devoted to rest. From midnight right up until the start of a new day at 7 am, a good night’s rest allows your body and mind the opportunity to recharge in preparation for the next block of the day.

The 9-5 Block
This is the block where your productivity shines, the well established time dedicated to accomplishing work-related goals.

The 6-11 Block
Finally, we arrive at the 6-11 block. The traditional time dedicated to unwinding from a long day’s work by spending time with family, catching up on your favorite show, and having a warm meal. However, these 5 hours, if properly managed, will do those activities better and make time to pursue creativity.  When used strategically, the 6-11 block has the potential to be the most productive slot in your day. Lincoln explains it this way:

In a typical corporate setting, the hours of operation are usually 9 am to 5 pm. It’s how we’ve come to refer to our jobs as 9-5’s; we are each given 24 hours to make an impact on the world. The ‘6 to 11’ person is engaging their passion projects, investing in themselves and others, and cultivating creativity.”

Lincoln Lewis

Simply put, when we embrace the 6-11 Theory, engaging our time outside of work with meaning and value makes a healthy work-life balance that is crucial to avoiding work fatigue and keeping one sphere from bleeding into the next.

We encourage you to try implementing the “6-11 Theory” into your week.
Be on the lookout for our next edition of the NTS Standard for more ways to lead a fulfilling life surrounding your passion and purpose.

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