the cloud

Updated Office 365 works with guests

  The cloud has made it easier for people, businesses, and companies to interact and collaborate. And one of the best productivity tools on the market is Microsoft Office 365, which is making it even simpler to store, organize and … Read More

Are You Catching Up to the Cloud or Leading the Way?

  Let’s face facts: The cloud is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way for spinning up additional computing power when you need it. And the best part is that when your need diminishes or goes away, you can stop … Read More

Skype for Business and its benefits

Skype for Business (as hinted in the name), is the corporate-oriented version of Skype. Besides the snazzy title, Skype for Business possesses unique office applications that will benefit your company. Yet, many business owners pose the same question: how important … Read More

Google’s cloud services are no longer beta

In an age where we sometimes move faster than the speed of light, patience is a quality not many possess. Like children who keep asking “Are we there yet?” or “When can I have another cookie?”, those who don’t learn … Read More

Fans of Dropbox can collaborate with Paper

    The only documents not worth the paper they’re printed on are the ones that never receive a second pair of eyes. At least, that’s how we’re interpreting the release Dropbox’s newest document collaboration service. Long a bastion of … Read More