4 types of hackers to watch out for

Why do hackers attack? Is it for money, notoriety, or political reasons? As a business owner, you should always try and find out the motive behind an attack to help you determine whether or not you’re a target and what … Read More

◐ Light and Color Therapy – Psychological, Biological and Spiritual effects.

  What is Light Therapy? Light Therapy involves the application of light for purposes of healing and maintaining optimum health. It is a natural and noninvasive therapy without side effects and is extremely powerful in the field of prevention. Light … Read More

◐ IQ TEST measures only three out of seven types of Intelligence. 

When we talk about intelligence, we tend to think about what system we can use to measure it. When we talk about how intelligent a person is, we may think about how high his/her IQ level is. IQ is the … Read More

◐ Brainwave Entrainment

      Entrainment is to pull or draw along after itself. When you strike a tuning fork, it will vibrate at a certain frequency. And then when you hold a second tuning fork close to the first one, it … Read More