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Juniper Networks and Ericsson are offering service providers a complete 5G transport network solution with a single display to manage the new requirements of next-generation mobile service delivery.

Juniper Networks has expanded its 18-year partnership with Ericsson to deliver an end-to-end 5G offering using each company’s complementary portfolios.

Together, the companies are offering service providers a complete 5G transport network solution with a single display to manage the new requirements of next-generation mobile service delivery.

“Commercial 5G is expected to represent close to a quarter of all global network traffic in the next five years,” said Manoj Leelanivas, Juniper’s chief product officer. “With both companies bringing together industry-leading network technology, Juniper and Ericsson will be able to more effectively capitalize on the immense global market opportunity in front of us and help our customers simplify their journey to fully operational 5G networks.”

Evolving 5G use cases, including connected cars, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) and 8K video streaming, and the associated 5G radio requirements needed to support these applications, can place additional demands across the network, Juniper notes. Capacity, connectivity, latency, synchronization, reliability and security needs will all require tighter integration between the 5G radio, core and transport layers of an end-to-end mobile network, it said.

The expanded partnership aims to  simplify service providers’ 5G transformation by creating an integrated offering that combines Juniper’s routing for next-generation WAN services and IP transport, and Ericsson’s Router 6000 and Mini-Link microwave portfolio for distributed, centralized and virtualized radio access. In addition, it uses Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform to secure the 5G mobile infrastructure against threats.

Juniper also will use Ericsson’s go-to-market for mobile opportunities and Ericsson will include Juniper’s offerings for edge, core and security as part of its end-to-end 5G transport portfolio.

“By combining Ericsson’s leading transport portfolio with Juniper’s … edge, core and security portfolio, we will create an end-to-end transport offering that is ready for all the demands of next-generation networks,” said Nishant Batra, Ericsson’s head of product area networks. “Our customers will benefit from the one-stop-shop approach, making it easier for them to build and operate high-performing 5G networks.

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