Skype Preview 11.9 Introduces New Messaging and Other Features


You can now enjoy more features on Skype following the release of Skype Preview 11.9. The new version includes with the SMS relay feature that allows you to send and receive text messages through Skype.

To activate SMS relay, go into your Skype Preview on your Windows 10 smartphone and click on settings. Select “Make Skype your default messaging app.” After that, go to your PC, click settings and select “Enable Skype on this device to sync my SMS messages.” That’s all really. You are now setup to receive and send messages from your PC or smartphone.

Another big feature offered by the new Skype version is the ability to connect to Skype for Business. Thanks to the update, you can now combine business with personal matters, all in one application. “With today’s update, you can now reach friends and family who are using Skype for Business, Microsoft’s unified communications platform,” said The Skype Team in a post. “Send a quick message to a significant other letting him know where to meet you for dinner or have a video call with mom while she’s traveling on business — Skype Preview and Skype for Business streamlines communications across both life and work.”

Version 11.9 also provides you with easier calling options. You can now manage video and audio devices from within the app prior to a connection. The new version also provides you with “enhanced” profiles so you can quickly start a connection right from a contact’s profile page.

Overall, if you have been using Skype for business communications the new version provides better messaging than previous iterations. You can now quickly quote someone’s chat comment by right-clicking on it and even drag and drop files/images up to 300MB into a chat. However, the obvious drawback to the new version is that it is only limited to Windows. Sorry, Android and iPhone users, at least for now.

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