oneplus 6t


We are fast approaching that time of year when OnePlus refreshes its mobile line up and with the OnePlus 6 bringing such impressive value, we’re very keen to see what happens in November with the OnePlus 6T.
leaked document from the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) has named a device with a model number of A6013. There isn’t much else we can glean from the report other than it has been verified to be a new OnePlus phone.

We can make a few informed guesses as to the specifications that we’ll see on this new handset. Making the reasonable assumption that OnePlus phones tend to follow Oppo’s R-series rather closely, we’re going to suggest that the 6T will borrow heavily from the design and features of the Oppo R17 Pro.

This could include the triple camera set up, the Snapdragon 710 that powers the device and perhaps even an under display fingerprint sensor. The last one may be a stretch as OnePlus tend to be careful about over reaching into newer, less reliable technology.

We’re looking forward to that November release date to see how correct we are.



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