Email Scams are one of the most prevalent malware attacks.

Did you know approximately 60% of all emails received are spam related? That means 183 billion messages are sent with malicious intent of the 300 billion+ emails received every day. With those numbers, odds are you may have spam sitting in your inbox right now! These attacks, known as email phishing, are a major problem for most people in today’s digital world. When you find yourself receiving unsolicited offers, gifts, or even monetary rewards in your inbox, do NOT fall for it!

Emails are one of the easiest ways to allow hackers into your computer and or network. By posing as a representative of a reputable company, these individuals can lure you into providing personal information, compromising your security, and taking advantage of you for personal gain. You may be tempted to respond and prove that you are not vulnerable, but we advise you to refrain from doing so.

Here at NTS, we provide several tools to help you safeguard your email, domains, and online accounts. We have endpoint protection that is used to protect servers, computers, and mobile devices. And of course, we offer rigorous spam filtering.

Schedule your email health-check consultation with us today and avoid getting “reeled in” by a hacker gone phishing!

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