You appreciate all your customers, but some are probably better than others. The ones who are growing are better able to pay you on time and will likely increase orders as they grow. Those are the best kind of customers to have.

Those same customers the growing customers  also expect more from their suppliers. They expect you to keep up with technology so that you can keep up with them.

If you are losing some of your best customers, its time to look at your systems.

Support growing customers or lose them
Customers who are growing are either reaching new markets, adding new products/services or acquiring other businesses. Theyre facing challenges of scale and managing more complex business processes.

If you, as a vendor, still send them paper invoices or dont allow them to order online, you make it harder for them to scale. No matter how much better your product is than the competitor, if its harder for them to do business with you, they will move on. Its a harsh reality, but its real and its a threat to your business.

New options, big benefits
Transitioning to a new, modern ERP system that allows you to centralize and automate business processes may be easier and more cost effective than you think. You can avoid big hardware investments with cloud and hosted ERP solutions. User adoption is easier with modern, simplified software interfaces.

An updated ERP system can help you keep your best customers with:

  • Faster, more accurate quotes,
  • Sales teams able to answer questions about inventory and service from the field,
  • Better pricing based on historic sales and seasonal promotions,
  • Accurate invoicing, delivered electronically.

Support growing customers and grow with them
The best part about helping your customers with better processes is that it will help you too. Increased efficiency, higher productivity and better reporting will allow you to grow your business.

Lets talk about keeping your best customers and growing your business. Give us a call today.

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