Rejoice! It’s Thanksgiving! The All-American holiday for giving thanks and giving tech a rest, right? Time to put down the remote, pack up the laptop, set the smartphone to airplane mode and hunker down with the fam’. Yes, while the most important aspect of the most American of all holidays is inherent in its name — giving thanks to those and for that which we are most thankful — do we really, actually, positively need to forget the tech on Thanksgiving Day?

The obvious answer is NO.

Here are our top five favorite ways technology can be a lifesaver this Thanksgiving Day.

The electric carving knife

He/she who is in charge of serving up the turkey on Thanksgiving Day is a saint. Who wants the turkey leg!? Who wants the hottest cut of white meat!? Everyone’s got their demands and catering to everyone’s particular needs can be especially challenging if you’re slicing up the bird the old fashioned way, you know, with a…knife. Make it easier on the blessed turkey carver and get them set up with that not-so-technologically involved but lifesaving blade: have an electric carving knife handy, for God’s sake!

TiVo/DVR/Other Streaming Media Device

Mom and the aunts demand the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on repeat all day long. Dad and the uncles require every football game to be streaming at all times. Everybody’s got their own Thanksgiving tradition and they need it to be front and center on the big screen. Set that DVR to record so that no one misses the star appearances and gigantic balloons that are the centerpiece of the greatest Thanksgiving parade in Manhattan — and so that no one misses the latest game stats of any football game on this holiday. Additionally, the NFL’s Football app is a great download to keep up with all the latest Thanksgiving football action in one place.

Skype, Gchat or FaceTime

Grandma’s going to want to see everybody’s face today whether you’re down the street or somewhere halfway around the world. Prop up that laptop on the counter or at an open seat at the table and have the line open for incoming calls and calling out. Video chatting via Skype, Gchat or FaceTime is an amazing way to say hey to everyone in the family and spread the love no matter where they are on this great American holiday.

Spotify’s Turkey Timer

Crank up the jams and boogie down while that bird (or Tofurky!) cooks. Spotify’s Turkey Timer makes it easy to know when it’s time for the turkey to come out of the oven no matter what size it is or how long it requires to cook. Simply select your turkey’s weight, pick your favorite music genre and get cooking to some grooving tunes. Tip: If you’ve already got your Thanksgiving DJ picked, give the Cuisinart Meat Thermometer on Amazon a shot. It’s a neat little doohickey highly recommended by one from our office.

Instagram, Snapchat and FaceBook

Share those lasting holiday memories with the world. Show your spirit and your love. Get the family together and give a shout out to the world. Popular social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook make it easy to share those smiles and your family’s delicious pies, mashed potatoes and the whole feast you slaved over all day.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! And don’t forget to share your pics and comments in the comments section below.

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