Microsoft’s developer kit for its HoloLens augmented reality viewer ships at the end of the month and in the meantime the company has been busy showing off the types of experiences developers can create on the platform. The latest in-house HoloLens app Microsoft has previewed is called Actiongram and allows users to create videos of themselves and others interacting with holographic characters.

“In order to provide great holographic content to help inspire creators, we built a holographic studio where many different actors, characters, objects, and creatures can be captured as holograms,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post previewing the app. “Actiongram is an app that allows people to place this rich holographic content into their real world environment, and record a mixed reality capture (MRC) video.”

With Actiongram, users with no CGI or animation experience will be able to add interactive avatars to videos they record with HoloLens as easily as they drag a file to a folder on a desktop now. Actiongram isn’t designed to be a professional Hollywood-Level CGI tool. As its “gram” name suggests, it’s designed as social media creation tool along the lines of Instagram. An app that allows users to create cool and humorous short content they want to share with friends.

You can check out Actiongram in the Microsoft promo video below to see how lifelike the holograms look. But what’s even more impressive is that the entire Actiongram app was built by only five developers over a period of only six months, which Microsoft says “demonstrates that almost anybody can be a holographic developer.”



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