Hip Tablet Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to get a tablet for anyone on your holiday gift list, you have no shortage of options. There are plenty of different tablets available this year from different brands and in different price points. Here are some of the hip tablets available for holiday shoppers in 2016


Amazon Fire HD 8

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Amazon Fire HD 8


Amazon’s latest Fire HD tablet is a small but affordable tablet option that comes in different colors and different storage options. The 8-inch HD display still makes it a fairly decent visual experience for users. And you can also access Amazon’s Alexa assistant on the tablet, which costs $89.99 from Amazon.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 offers a 10.1-inch screen, WiFi compatibility, 16GB of memory and the ability to connect with other devices to share things like photos and games with other tablet users. Retail prices start around $150.



iPad Pro, 9.7-inch

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - iPad Pro, 9.7-inch

Apple initially released the iPad Pro last year in just one size. But this year, the company added a 9.7-inch model for those who want a smaller, slightly less expensive tablet. But the smaller iPad Pro, which includes the entire suite of features and iOS system, starts at $599.


Viking Pro RCA 10

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Viking Pro RCA 10

The Viking Pro 10 from RCA runs the Android operating system and includes features like a detachable keyboard, 1.4GHz processor, 32GB of memory and more. The tablet retails for $129.99.


Google Nexus 10

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Google Nexus 10

Google and Samsung’s latest Nexus tablet comes with a 10-inch touchscreen, A15 dual-core processor, a few different options for storage and WiFi/cellular capabilities. The tablet retails for around $390.


Asus Transformer 3

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Asus Transformer 3

The Asus Transformer line features Windows-powered PCs that can transform from laptop to tablet and back again. The device is designed to be thin and light, but comes with the features of a PC. The Asus Transformer 3 retails for $799.


Lenovo Yoga Book

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Lenovo Yoga Book

The latest in Lenovo’s latest line of Yoga tablets provides a laptop/tablet hybrid experience. The Yoga Book lets you make notes and sketches with a stylus with real ink. The device also features a halo keyboard that appears only when you need it. And it’s available with both Android and Windows operating systems. You can get the Yoga Book for $499.99.


Sony Xperia Z4

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Sony Xperia Z4

The Sony Xperia Z4 tablet is made to entertain. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen and 2K display made specifically for watching videos and other content. But it also has all the features of the Android platform and retails for around $600.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft markets its Surface Pro 4 as being the tablet that can replace your laptop. It’s lightweight but includes the power and speed you’d expect from a laptop. It also runs full windows and has Office and other professional software. The device starts at $899.


iPad Mini 4

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 4 is the latest version of Apple’s smallest tablet device. It features a 7.9-inch screen and lightweight design, along with all the features and apps available on iOS, starting at $399.


Acer Iconia Tab 10

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Acer Iconia Tab 10

From Acer, the Iconia Tab 10 offers a 10-inch full HD display, integrated speakers, Acer EZ utilities to customize your experience and more. The device retails for around $200.



Google Pixel C

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Google Pixel C

Starting at $499, the Google Pixel C is a tablet that includes a NVIDIA quad-core processor for gaming, lightweight design for easy transport and a crisp, bright display for video and visuals. It also featues the Android operating system and all the latest updates.


Hisense Sero 8

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Hisense Sero 8

For a less expensive tablet option, the Sero 8 from Hisense features an 8-inch screen, quad core processor, front and rear cameras and the Android operating system. The tablet retails for around $60 from select retailers.


Polaroid A7

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Polaroid A7

From Polaroid, the A7 is a 7-inch dual-core tablet that runs the Android operating system. It includes WiFi, Micro SD, 8GB of memory and a multi-touch display. At $75, it’s also one of the less expensive tablets available.


Lenovo Tab 3 Essential

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - Lenovo Tab 3 Essential

Lenovo’s Tab 3 Essential tablet features a vibrant 7-inch display, enhanced Dolby audio, and front and rear cameras. The device currently retails for $69.99.


HP Pro Slate 12

Hip Tablet Gift Ideas - HP Pro Slate 12

The HP Pro Slate 12 is an Android tablet with a 12.3–inch display that features a 1600 x 1200 HD resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. The device also features data protection, the high-fidelity HP Duet Pen, built-in productivity apps and more. The HP Pro Slate 12 currently retails for $569.

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